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Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas

BUILD Fundraising Ideas

Employee Casual Days

Use this message to announce a casual day campaign to your employees:

[Bank Name] is raising money for BUILD – Bankers Unite in Legislative Decisions. BUILD is our industry’s political action committee, raising money for legislative candidates who understand the important role that Iowa banks play in our state and local communities. To help support this campaign, we are offering you the opportunity to “buy” a casual day as a fun way to raise money for the industry. For just [Select $ amount] per pay period, you can have an extra casual day per week. You can make your contribution through payroll deduction or write a check for the total amount – whichever you prefer. The designated casual day will be each [Name a day of the week]. Also, in an effort to ease record keeping, this program requires an all-in or all-out approach. If you participate, it is for the year, not on a week-by-week basis.

If you wish to participate, please see [Name a bank employee] for payroll deduction cards or to simply write a check for the year. You will be provided with a BUILD sticker that you can put on your office name plate to indicate you are participating in the program. Then enjoy a casual day while helping your industry!

Thirteenth Board Meeting

Use this strategy to implement a thirteenth board meeting:

The bank CEO schedules an additional board meeting for the year. It can be held immediately following one of the bank’s regularly scheduled board meetings and is devoted exclusively to discussing BUILD and the industry’s legislative issues. The board chair may encourage each member to contribute the board fee from the second meeting to BUILD. If the board members agree, they write a personal check to BUILD.

Additional Tips

  • Iowa Bankers Association staff is also available to join a board meeting to review current industry legislative issues.
  • If the minutes from your annual meeting allow for “special meetings” that pay less than your regular board fee, you may also be more comfortable going that route. 
  • The same concept may also be used for staff meetings of bank officers.
  • It is legal to encourage your directors and officers to contribute their board fee to BUILD, but it is illegal to require them do so. It is legal for your directors and officers to write a personal check to BUILD, but it is illegal for them to sign their board fee over to BUILD.
  • Your directors and officers will be liable for any income taxes on the board fee.
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