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Throughout its history, the Iowa Bankers Association (IBA) has dedicated itself to serving Iowa banks and their employees. At its formation, the primary purpose of the organization was to provide representation of Iowa banks before the legislature and to provide an organization where individual bankers could gather and exchange ideas on the business of banking. Never straying from the original purpose, the IBA continues to look for ways to serve bankers through learning opportunities, legislative and regulatory representation, industry communications, forums for peer communication and enhancement of the image of banking.

As we look back at the marks of achievement of the IBA, we also look forward to a future of improving the banking industry and serving the needs of Iowa bankers.

The IBA is founded on June 22 by a small group of 29 Iowa bankers. The IBA was the fourth state bankers association formed in the United States.

The IBA Group System is established. With IBA's organization, regional groups of bankers have met to discuss issues for over 100 years. Today there are 6 regional groups, with over 1,000 bankers attending annual meetings across the state.

Membership grows to over 1,000 banks, making the IBA the largest state banking association in the nation.

The IBA begins offering insurance products to rural banks. Today, the insurance division, Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, has revenues in excess of $10 million annually and offers a complete line of life, health, property and casualty coverage.

The IBA hires its first employee, secretary, P.W. Hall of Sheldon.

The IBA establishes headquarters in downtown Des Moines.

The IBA co-sponsors an educational session with Iowa State University, entitled, "Bankers Short Course."

The IBA attains 100 percent bank membership, with all 1,877 banks belonging to the IBA. Today, the IBA strives to be the premier service provider for Iowa banks and thrifts. Representing 97 percent of banks and thrifts in the state, the Association continues to increase services to membership, while keeping dues at reasonable rates.

The IBA unveils the Bankers Insurance Plan to provide health insurance to the officers and employees of Iowa banks.

The IBA begins statewide radio campaigns to promote Iowa banks. IBA continues to promote Iowa banks through the media, with statewide television, radio and print campaigns designed to promote Iowa banks' image as corporate citizens.

Iowa bankers attend the American Bankers Association's first National Automation conference. Today, the IBA offers Internet banking resources, technology seminars, conferences and technical publications to help bankers meet the challenges associated with changing technology.

IBA Secretary Frank Warner retires with 50 years of service to the Association and the banking industry. In the 132-year history of IBA, only five men have served as association secretary: P.W. Hall, Frank Warner, Arthur Lindquist, Neil Milner and John Sorensen, who currently serves as president, CEO and secretary.

Iowa Bankers Insurance and Services, Inc. (IBIS) was incorporated to create a separate entity. Today, IBIS continues to serve Iowa banks with a full line of insurance products.

The Iowa Transfer System is incorporated for the formation of a statewide switching system. Today, as an IBA partner, SHAZAM, Inc., as it is now known, does business in 36 states providing automated teller machines, point of sale services, ACH services, ATM and national debit cards, merchant services, Internet banking and electronic benefit transfer services.

Iowa Bankers Mortgage Corporation (IBMC) was founded. Today, IBMC continues to provide secondary mortgage services to banks across the state.

The IBA Securities Division begins to provide brokerage services to bankers in Iowa. Today, while a separate entity, IBA promotes bank brockerage services through Cambridge Investments.

The IBA opens its membership to thrifts.

The Des Moines Register recognizes the IBA as one of the state's most powerful lobbies. Today, IBA continues to make sure the voice of the banking industry is heard on both a state and national level by coordinating capitol visits, legislative briefings and legislative contact programs.

The IBA launches plans to construct a 30,000+ square foot new facility in Johnston, Iowa. Iowa Bankers Association and its affiliates moved into the new headquarters on August 20, 2001.

The IBA and its affiliate companies (IBIS and IBMC) move into the new Johnston headquarters on August 20.

In an ever-changing regulatory environment, IBA's compliance department responds to more than 10,000 calls and e-mails to the IBA compliance hotline -- a free service to member banks. 

The IBA engages in responding to the policy fallout of the financial crisis, including debate over financial regulatory reform. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 4173) became law on July 21. This very broad and complex legislation put in place a sweeping new financial services regime that will have significant regulatory and legal consequences for banks for years to come.

The IBA celebrates its 125th anniversary. Watch this commemorative video  or read this commemorative book celebrating this milestone and the tradition, progress and leadership the IBA provides for Iowa banks.

Today, the IBA continues to focus on its primary mission: "To contribute to the success of our members."



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