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Registration includes access to the webinar segment purchased and the PowerPoint presentation with commentary. Link will allow replay for one year. Sessions are $200 each.

The first two-hour webinar focuses on deposit related topics including expidited funds, EFT Act, reserve requirements, Truth in Savings, and privacy.

Part-two focuses on annual training requirements for lending-related functions. This two-hour webinar provides training under for TRID, private flood insurance, appraisal rules, FCRA, and fair lending.

Part-three focuses on BSA.

All webinars are pre-recorded and can be utilized by your bank when it is convenient for you - such as a “bank training day” held on a legal holiday or as new staff is added. Meet your annual regulatory training requirements by purchasing one or both of the webinars. Each webinar link will be accessible for up to 12 months.

2021 Annual Deposit Compliance Training 

  • Reg. CC: Expedited Funds Availability Act - coverage, funds availability, holds, and practice opportunities
  • Reg. E: Electronic Funds Transfer Act - coverage, errors, unauthorized transfer investigations, liability, practice opportunities
  • Reg. D: Reserve Requirements - NOW eligibility, CD penalties, and recent changes to definition of “savings deposit”
  • Reg. DD: Truth in Savings Act - coverage, disclosures, frequent violations, UDAP concerns, and bonuses
  • Reg. P: Privacy of Consumer Financial Information - purpose and disclosure requirements

2021 Annual Lending Compliance Training 

  • Reg. Z and TRID - coverage, exemptions, changed circumstances, and FAQs
  • Private Flood Insurance - coverage, exemptions, determining coverage, and private flood insurance
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act - Permissible purpose, key user responsibilities, key furnisher responsibilities, and other key points
  • Fair Lending - Discrimination categories, scope, GMI collection, discretionary lending practices, redlining, fair servicing

 2021 Annual BSA Compliance Training 

  • Customer Identification Program Requirements - key definitions, identity and verification requirements, and common issues
  • Beneficial Ownership - key definitions and exclusions, exceptive relief rules, and common issues
  • Customer Due Diligence - customer risk profiles, monitoring requirements, importance of documentation, and life cycle of account
  • Currency Transaction Reporting – triggers, exemptions, customer inquiries, and recent changes
  • Suspicious Activity Reporting – triggers, frequency, human trafficking and filing requirements, and FinCEN guidance related to hemp-related businesses

Email Darcy Burnett with questions.



Pricing Information:

Each session is $200 with 12-months of access. If you purchase all three, they are available for a discounted rate of $500.

What is an On-Demand Webinar?
An On-Demand Webinar is a prerecorded training session that can be viewed at your convenience (24/7). Anyone at your branch may access the program online using the login provided. When you purchase an On-Demand Webinar, you have unlimited access to the program for 12 months from date of purchase.

Transmission, retransmission or republishing of the audio portion of the seminar is prohibited. .

Webinar (12/05/20 )

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