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IBA Member Spotlight: Emily Soppe

Media Center:IBA Member Spotlight: Emily Soppe

Last Updated: 1/19/2021 4:04 PM

Soppe Brings Patience to Banking Career

Emily Soppe’s banking career began in a customer service role. Prior to that, however, she worked at day care center taking care of 2-year-olds. She said that experience helped her greatly as she started working with bank customers. “I learned patience — lots and lots of patience,” she said.

Today, Soppe is vice president of e-banking at Fidelity Bank & Trust in Dyersville. “Banking is a great career because of the daily variety,” she said. “It never seems like one day is the same as the last.”

How did you get into banking as a career?
I was looking for a career change, and saw an ad in our local newspaper for a customer service representative position and thought I’d give it a shot. I always liked math and people, so I thought that banking maybe the niche for me.

Prior to your current role, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had, and what lesson did it teach you that you still use today?
Before my banking days, I was a lead teacher for 2-year-olds at a local day care center. While working with 2-year-olds on a daily basis, I learned patience — lots and lots of patience.

What is your best elevator pitch for why banking is a great career?
Banking is a great career because of the daily variety. It never seems like one day is the same as the last. There are always new triumphs and challenges, which keeps the days interesting and engaging.

How does getting involved with the Iowa Bankers Association help you and your bank?
The IBA offers great training opportunities, which helps our bank stay on top of the most pertinent topics in banking. I also have met great peers in the banking industry through classes that the IBA has offered.

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do most?
In my spare time, I enjoy kayaking, boating, walking and watching a variety of sports but football is my favorite.

What is a quote or guiding principle you live by?
Dream big, expect little, smile often, laugh a lot but, most of all, have fun!

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