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Trailing by 47 Votes, Hart Requests Recount in Iow

Archived Industry News:Trailing by 47 Votes, Hart Requests Recount in Iowa 2nd

Last Updated: 11/12/2020 2:23 PM

Trailing by 47 Votes, Hart Requests Recount in Iowa 2nd

Democratic congressional candidate Rita Hart plans to request a recount in all 24 counties in Iowa's 2nd District, with the race still too close to call. Iowa's counties had to certify their election results by Tuesday, and Iowa law gives candidates until 5 p.m. on the third day following the county canvass to request a recount. Iowa Code gives counties 18 days following the canvass of votes to conduct the recount.

Results published by the Iowa Secretary of State's office showed Miller-Meeks leading Hart by 47 votes out of 394,383 votes cast. Miller-Meeks has claimed victory in the race, but Hart has said counties should take extra care to ensure the results are accurate in the wake of errors in two counties' results.

While Miller-Meeks was ahead on election night, the lead has seesawed back and forth over the last week, moving Hart, then Miller-Meeks into the lead as two counties found errors with their reported results. In Jasper County, a data entry error at first incorrectly showed Miller-Meeks receiving more than 300 extra votes. County officials conducted a countywide machine recount and conducted a hand recount of ballots in one precinct to correct the mistake. In Lucas County, election officials mistakenly reported pre-election test results instead of actual election night results in one precinct. Lucas County will perform a machine recount on Thursday and a hand recount of the affected precinct on Friday. Learn more.

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