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Hiring for the Right Fit Webinar


What’s our end game? Hire right, coach great, and build strong teams. This program will step you through the best practices of hiring for the right fit. Being intentional about training managers and supervisors on the hiring process is key to creating stellar teams.

Raise the bar when it comes to best practices for hiring for the right fit. Aimed at management and anyone that is involved in the hiring process, the interview and selection of new hires. If you new to leading and managing and have not been training in the hiring process, this session is for you.

What You Will Learn

  • How to set the tone for success – seeing everything through the lens of the candidate
  • Understanding the importance of being an Employer of Choice
  • Establishing desired attributes for the individual positions we are hiring for
  • Considering cultural fit in the hiring decision
  • Preparation involved in preparing and conducting the interview
  • Best practices related to the candidate evaluation process
  • Learning from recent hire decisions – are the right people leaving?

Who Should Attend?
Managers and supervisors, anyone involved in the hiring process.