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2022 IBA Advanced IRAs Seminar



IRA Update
• Explain recent changes affecting IRA owners
• Recognize how recent changes may affect your financial organization
Amending IRA Documents
• Identify recent amendment guidance
• Define plan agreement and disclosure statement amendment procedures
• Describe a universal or “catch-all” amendment
• List the amendment need for mergers, acquisitions, and forms provider changes
Required Minimum Distributions
• Calculate a required minimum distribution (RMD)
• Discuss the RMD rules
• Explain the RMD reporting requirements
Beneficiary Options
• Describe beneficiary distribution options when an IRA owner died before January 1, 2020
• Recognize the differences for the various beneficiary types
Advanced Portability
• Summarize the restrictions on the movement between IRAs
• Describe a conversion
• Explain the effect of withholding on a conversion
• Recognize the options available when moving from an employer-sponsored retirement plan to an IRA
Finding Answers to Commonly Asking Questions
• Review commonly asking IRA questions
• Learn about the resources available to find answers

Members $235
Non-Members $470


Advanced IRAs Seminar Flyer