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IBA Member Spotlight: Ashley Golafshar

Golafshar ‘Falls,’ Grows Into Banking Career

Ashley GolafsharPrior to working in banking, Ashley Golafshar earned her license in cosmetology. She says a customer of hers convinced her to apply for a teller position. That was 12 years ago. “I was lucky to fall into banking,” she said. Over that time, she has worked her way from retail banking to commercial banking.

Today, she is an assistant vice president, treasury management at CBI Bank & Trust in Davenport. “Banking is an industry to grow with,” she said. “It is an industry of many possibilities and potential titles to hold.”

What drove you to choose a career in banking?

A customer of mine worked in the banking industry and convinced me to apply for a teller position 12 years ago. I started out as a part-time teller and over time have worked my way from retail banking to the commercial banking world. Banking is an industry to grow with. It is an industry of many possibilities and potential titles to hold.

What is one lesson working in the banking industry has taught you that you can apply to your everyday life?

So many lessons learned every day, but if I had to choose just one it would be problem solving. Every day, I am faced with scenarios and situations that require thorough thought and prompt resolution.

What is your best elevator pitch for why banking is a great career?

I love what I do here at the bank. I am inspired every day by the people I work with and the customers I work for. It’s really cool, the vast varieties of people and businesses I come across from day to day. From local hair salons, dance studios, our favorite locally owned restaurants, to auto repair, builders, developers and property management owners. I work alongside the wives and families of some of the most successful farmers in our footprint. I get to travel to each of the towns throughout our footprint participating in local parades, fundraisers and community events. I am lucky to have worked alongside our city officials, nonprofit organizations and influential pillars of our communities. Every day is something new.

How does getting involved with the Iowa Bankers Association help you and your bank?

The IBA provides local banks with education and growth opportunities. After my first year at the IBA School of Banking I truly feel I have a better understanding of my role and the banking industry as a whole. It has inspired me to seek out further education, ultimately strengthening the knowledge and value I bring to my position.

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do most?

I am a very busy mom of two. If I am not at work I am usually on the softball field or basketball courts with my daughter. Or attending one of my son’s plays or choir competitions. I also volunteer at local nonprofits in the Quad Cities.

What is a quote or guiding principle you live by?

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

— Mahatma Gandhi