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IBA Member Spotlight: Josh Craighead

People-First Philosophy Drives Craighead

Josh CraigheadWhen Josh Craighead was in high school, he worked at a local grocery store. That job taught him how strong relationships can help lead to success. He sought a career in banking on the advice of family and friends, and soon learned that lesson transferred easily to his banking career. “Working for a local bank you get to see your customers succeed and meet their financial goals,” he said.

Today, Craighead is an assistant vice president and branch manager at Iowa State Bank in Des Moines.

How did you get into banking as a career?

I had friends and family who encouraged me to try banking as a career, and I soon realized this was the career for me.

Prior to your current role, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had, and what lesson did it teach you that you still use today?

I worked at a local grocery store in my hometown when I was in high school. It taught me people are what make a business not product. It taught me that building relationships with your community and customers is very important to being successful.

What is your best elevator pitch for why banking is a great career?

Banking is a great career because it allows you to help people meet their financial goals as well as be involved in the community. Working for a local bank you get to see your customers succeed and meet their financial goals.

How does getting involved with the Iowa Bankers Association help you and your bank?

Being involved in the Iowa Bankers Association helps you stay connected to what is happening in banking from rules and regulations to creative ways to engage customers. Iowa Bankers is a great resource for bankers.

When you’re not at work, what do you like to do most?

I enjoy spending time with my wife and children. I also enjoying playing a round of golf with friends.

What is a quote or guiding principle you live by?

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”

— Billy Graham