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Iowa Legislators Make Campaign Announcements Following New Legislative Boundaries

The Iowa Legislature met in its second extraordinary session of 2021 to pass new state legislative and congressional boundaries for the next 10 years. The new maps were approved by overwhelming majorities in each chamber, even though 58 incumbents were lumped into districts with at least 1 other incumbent. Campaign and re-election announcements quickly flooded out following the passage of the new maps. The 58 incumbents who were lumped in with other incumbents now face the choice of competing in a primary, moving to an open legislative seat or retiring from the Legislature. The Iowa Bankers Association is tracking campaign announcements ahead of the 2022 mid-term elections. Explore which incumbent legislators have been drawn together and which legislators have announced either a retirement or a move to a new district on the IBA website.

Incumbents Paired
  • Tim Kraayenbrink (R-Webster) and Jesse Green (R-Webster).
  • Jason Schultz (R-Crawford) and Craig Williams (R-Carrol).
  • Claire Celsi (D-Polk) and Sarah Trone Garriot (D-Polk).
  • Waylon Brown (R-Mitchell) and Amanda Ragan (D-Cerro Gordo).
  • Craig Johnson (R-Buchanan) and Dan Zumbach (R-Delaware).
  • Todd Taylor (D-Linn) and Liz Mathis (D-Linn).
  • Jim Lykam (D-Scott) and Robbie Smith (R-Scott).
  • Dawn Driscoll (R- Iowa) and Kevin Kinney (D-Johnson).
  • Adrian Dickey (R-Jefferson) and Ken Rozenboom (R-Mahaska).
  • Tim Goodwin (R-Des Moines) and Jeff Reichman (R-Lee).
Campaign Announcements
  • Sen. Zach Whiting (R-Dickinson), SD-1, announced his retirement.
  • Rep. Cherilynn Westrich (R-Wapello) announced her campaign for new SD-13.
  • Sen. Sarah Trone Garriot (D-Polk) announced she is considering a move to an open seat.
  • Sen. Claire Celsi (D-Polk)announced her run for new SD-16.
  • Rep. John Thorup (R-Marion) announced his campaign for new SD-19.
  • Rep. Sandy Salmon (R-Black Hawk) announced her campaign for new SD-29.
  • Rep. Molly Donahue (D-Linn) announced her campaign for new SD-37.
  • Rep. Liz Bennett (D-Linn) announced her campaign for new SD-39
  • Rep. Charlie McClintock (R-Linn) announced his campaign for new SD-42.
  • Sen. Joe Bolkcom (D-Johnson), SD-43, announced his retirement.
  • Sen. Liz Mathis (D-Linn) announced her campaign for Iowa-02 Congressional District.
Incumbents Paired
  • Tom Jeneary (R-Plymouth) and Skyler Wheeler (R-Sioux).
  • Megan Jones (R-Clay) and Gary Worthan (R-Buena Vista).
  • Brent Siegrist (R-Pottawattamie) and John Jacobsen (R-Pottawattamie).
  • Brooke Boden (R-Warren) and John Thorup (R-Marion).
  • Bubba Sorensen (R-Adair) and Stan Gustafson (R-Madison) and Carter Nordman (R-Dallas).
  • Ako Abdul-Samad (D-Polk) and Marti Anderson (D-Polk).
  • Garret Gobble (R-Polk) and Mike Bousselot (R-Polk).
  • Rob Bacon (R-Story) and Phil Thompson (R-Boone).
  • Dean Fisher (R-Tama) and David Maxwell (R-Poweshiek).
  • Timi Brown-Powers (D-Black Hawk) and Ras Smith (D-Black Hawk).
  • Lee Hein (R-Jones) and Steven Bradley (R-Jones).
  • Chad Ingels (R-Fayette) and Sandy Salmon (R-Fayette).
  • Molly Donahue (D-Linn) and Eric Gjerde (D-Linn).
  • Bobby Kaufmann (R-Cedar) and Ross Paustian (R-Scott)
  • Jeff Shipley (R-Van Buren) and Joe Mitchell (R-Henry)
  • Holly Brink (R-Mahaska) and Dustin Hite (R-Mahaska)
  • Mark Cisneros (R-Muscatine) and David Kerr (R-Louisa) and Dennis Cohoon (D-Des Moines)
  • Monica Kurth (D-Scott) and Cindy Winckler (D-Scott)
Campaign Announcements
  • Rep. Bruce Hunter (D-Polk), HD-34, announced his retirement.
  • Rep. Marti Anderson (D-Polk), HD-36, announced her retirement.
  • Rep. Carter Nordman (R-Dallas) announced his campaign for new HD-47.
  • Rep. Ras Smith (D-Black Hawk) announced his campaign for Governor.
  • Sen. Craig Johnson (R-Buchanan) announced his campaign for new HD-67.
  • Rep Christina Bohannon (D-Johnson) announced her campaign for Iowa-01 Congressional District.

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