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Compliance for the Universal Banker Webinar


Did you know that one “simple” transaction-a deposit of some cash and a few checks into a checking account-can be governed by at least seven regulations or Acts? Those serving in the universal banker role are responsible for placing appropriate holds on funds, providing accurate deposit and consumer loan disclosures in a timely manner, and identifying and reporting suspicious activity all while providing outstanding service.

In this informative session we will tailor our review of compliance regulations to the specific requirements and guidelines that effect your role and responsibilities as a universal banker. We will discuss the transactions that you are faced with every day, and why compliance officers are so adamant that you complete each and every field on those regulatory forms.

In addition, you will be provided with helpful tools to use in your daily routine to guide you through regulatory requirements, aid in identifying red flags and assist in answering accountholder questions. Those new to this role as well as those seasoned staff members looking to meet their annual training requirements will not want to miss this comprehensive, fast-paced session!

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding Your Fair Lending Responsibilities
  • Navigating the Rules of Reg E Disputes and Stop Payments
  • Calculating the Amount & Timing of Reg CC Holds
  • Avoiding Consumer Loan Documentation Mistakes
  • Meeting Expectations for Identity Theft Response and Privacy of Consumer Information
  • Explaining Overdraft Protection Best Practices
  • Impact of UDAAP

Who Should Attend
This informative session is designed for Universal Bankers, New Accounts Personnel, Branch Managers, and Compliance Officers.