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Businesspeople having a meeting at the conference room.

Peer Groups

The goal of an Iowa Bankers Association peer group is to foster the exchange of information in a confidential and congenial setting. Peer groups establish a network where you can ask questions, share ideas and gather best practices.

To join an IBA peer group or get information about forming a new peer group, email Jill Manternach or call (515) 286-4375.

Traditional Peer Groups

Traditional peer groups meet in person three to four times per year and are available for a variety of bank functions, including CEOs, technology, human resources, marketing, compliance and internal auditing.

You will receive:
  • Coordination of three or four annual meetings.
  • Professional services for meetings agenda development, data reports and professional expertise at meetings.
  • Lunches/beverages/snacks when appropriate.
  • Networking facilitation, including electronic discussion groups and additional correspondence between meetings.
The IBA currently has the following traditional peer groups available:
  • Bank Marketing
  • CFO
  • Compliance
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
  • Human Resources
  • Internal Audit
  • Technology
  • Senior/CEO

Online Peer Groups

Online peer groups provide the opportunity to connect with peers without having to spend time out of the bank. Online peer groups are available for senior lenders, chief financial officers, retail managers and bank trainers.

One of the most powerful career-building steps a banker can take is to discuss issues with a group of peers. By talking to peers, you can accelerate your growth and eventually give back your wisdom and experience with others. You can learn more quickly, more intelligently, and less painfully with people who have done it before to support you.

Attending meetings and events with peers is valuable, but it can also be difficult to take time to be out of the bank. To help you create support and camaraderie, the IBA is in the process of developing new online-only peer groups. This online-only format will develop a forum where you can share ideas, ask questions and gather best practices with bankers in similar positions. When you join an online peer group you will be connected to your peers across the state. There is no cost to join an online peer group and they are facilitated through the IBA website using your Member Portal login.

The IBA currently has the following online peer groups available:
  • Senior Lender
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Retail Manager
  • Bank Trainer
  • Operations
  • BSA
  • Women Bankers
  • Next Gen
  • Section 1071 Small Business Data Collection Rule

For more information, email Jill Manternach or call (515) 286-4375.