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Fighting for Positive Change

The Iowa Bankers Association represents the Iowa banking industry at the state and federal levels — working to make a positive difference for Iowa banks and the communities they serve.

Bank involvement in advocacy efforts is key to our legislative success. Your engagement with local legislators is important to the future of the banking industry. The IBA provides tools and resources to:

  • Learn more about the issues impacting banks and the communities they serve.
  • Contact federal and state legislators.
  • Donate to the industry political action committee, Bankers Unite in Legislative Decisions (BUILD), and the industry Super PAC, Iowa Leaders in Education and Advocacy (I-LEAD).

Meet the team

John Sorensen, IBA President

John Sorensen, CAE

President & CEO
Sharon Presnall 21

Sharon Presnall

Senior Vice President, Government Relations/Compliance
Mike Rozenboom 21

Michael Rozenboom, J.D.

Legislative and Legal Counsel
Makayala Gallentine

Makayla Gallentine

Advocacy and Industry Relations Coordinator