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Bank Membership

All deposit-taking financial institutions in the state are eligible to join the Iowa Bankers Association.

Membership benefits include professional legislative and regulatory representation. Our experienced lobbyists work on your behalf all year, building relationships, attending fundraisers, sponsoring events, coordinating PACs, and creating grassroots support. We are the go-to resource for banking industry information — and drive forward issues that matter most to your bank — from regulatory relief to tax equity.

IBA members also have access to many other value-added services, including our compliance services, statewide media relations and public image campaigns, training and education programs, industry publications and resources, human resources consulting, marketing programs, innovative product and service discounts, and much more.

Membership dues are based on a bank’s deposits in Iowa.

Contact IBA President and CEO John Sorensen or IBA Vice President of Marketing & Industry Relations Jenica Lensmeyer at (515) 286-4300 with questions.

Bank Membership Benefits