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The Iowa Bankers Association’s compliance department offers a variety of products and services to assist members with compliance. From providing responses to compliance questions, to writing comment letters on proposed regulatory action, and assisting with internal compliance review and training, the IBA’s compliance professionals provide support and advocacy in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

Compliance services include comprehensive reviews for:

  • ACH
  • Advertisements
  • Bank Secrecy Act
  • Deposits
  • HMDA
  • Loans
  • SAFE Act
  • TRID Forms Reviews
  • Website

For more information on compliance-related products and services or to schedule in-bank training, contact IBA Vice President of Compliance Julie Gliha, MBA, at (515) 286-2981, or to schedule a compliance review, or website review, contact IBA Compliance Analyst Manager Shelley Hardisty at (515) 286-2990.

For compliance questions, contact the hotline at (844) REGS411 (844-734-7411) or at This is a members-only service.

Meet the team

Julie Gliha

Julie Gliha, MBA, CRCM

Vice President, Regulatory Compliance
Shelley Hardisty professional photo

Shelley Hardisty, CRCM, CCBIA, CBAP, AAP

Compliance Analyst Manager
Schlatter Ronette

Ronette Schlatter, CRCM

Senior Compliance Analyst
John Goranson

John Goranson, CRCM

Compliance Analyst
Sarah Jannings

Sarah Jannings, CCBIA, CRCM

Compliance Analyst
Kim Beals

Kim Beals, CRCM, AAP

Compliance Analyst
Jackie Ostrander

Jacalyn Ostrander, CRCM

Compliance Analyst
Kristina Reiter

Kristina Reiter, CRCM

Compliance Analyst
Amy Warren

Amy Warren

Compliance Analyst
Michael Christians

Michael Christians

Compliance Analyst

Katie Kots

Compliance Analyst

Ashley Brunk

Compliance Analyst

"I have been writing our procedures for TRID, and my favorite resources are the CFPB and the IBA. The four-part webinar and the Bankers Compliance resources on the IBA website are invaluable."

Shirley Best
Shirley Best, FreedomBank, Elkader, Monona and Postville