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Helping Banks Tell Their Story

Iowa banks have a positive story to tell, and the Iowa Bankers Association helps its members share their stories with marketing and communications tools and resources designed especially for IBA members. The IBA also provides professional development opportunities for bank marketing professionals.

For marketing questions, contact us at or (800) 532-1423.

Meet the team

Jenica Lensmeyer 21

Jenica Lensmeyer, MPA

Vice President, Marketing and Industry Relations
Disa Erickson

Disa Erickson

Marketing Coordinator
Susan Richards

Susan Richards

Member Services Coordinator
Tyler Jass

Tyler Jass

Marketing & Communications Specialist

I have been so impressed with the Iowa Bankers Association. They have a comprehensive set of resources. As a marketing department of one, I love the communications toolkit. The content has been really good and useful.

Rebecca Prescott
Peoples Bank, Indianola