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Community Impact

Investing in Iowa

Supporting Iowa’s Economy

$97 billion in Loans

Source: FDIC, 2022.

Providing Iowans with employment

33,469 Jobs

Source: ABA Survey Data, 2020/2021.

Iowans Choose Iowa Banks

Protecting Iowans’ money

$127 billion in deposits

Source: FDIC, 2022.

Serving every Iowa county

1453 locations and 280 banks april 2023

Source: FDIC, 2022.

Most community banks per capita

Community Bank Per CapitaIowa has more community banks per capita than any other state. In a competitive marketplace, a level playing field is important.

Source: United State Census Bureau, 2020. FDIC, Sept. 2022.


Delivering for Small Business

Small business loans sought from banks

Small business loans

Source: Small Business Credit Survey, Federal Reserve Banks, 2020.

Delivering for all Iowans

% of Population Unbanked


% of population unbanked
Iowa has a diverse banking system and Iowa banks are committed to the needs of their communities.

Source: FDIC National Survey of Unbanked and Underbanked Households, 2021.

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