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Encouraging the Next Generation of Women Leaders Webinar


In this highly engaging webinar, you’ll learn about best practices and mistakes to avoid on your way to becoming an effective woman leader. Marcia shares her insights about life balance and success, including ten tips to help you achieve balance in your life. She also talks about the traits of successful leaders, and why being a successful follower is part of the equation. Attendees will come away with practical tools and the inspiration to enhance and refine their leadership abilities.

What You’ll Learn

  • Keys to motivation, responsibility, attitude, and life-long learning
  • How daily decisions impact life balance
  • How communication leads to success and balance
  • How to discover your own limits when making commitments
  • Establishing boundaries at work and at home

Who Should Attend
Emerging women leaders aspiring to grow in their careers, first time supervisors and managers, and experienced leaders who want to help younger women start their leadership journey will find this webinar valuable.