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Fraudulent Cashier’s Checks – Best Practices for Avoiding Losses Webinar


According to FinCEN in 2022, the banking industry saw an 84% increase in check fraud totaling in excess of $34.4 billion. Counterfeit and altered cashier’s checks were behind many of these frauds. Learn why cashier’s checks pose a significant risk to banks and the best practices for limiting losses on these items.

What You’ll Learn

  • The unique dilemma cashier’s checks pose to banks
  • The factors that create a “”Holder in Due Course”” and why this status is important to cashier’s checks
  • Why stop payments are virtually impossible to place on cashier’s checks
  • When and how to use a Declaration of Loss affidavit
  • The difference between counterfeit and altered cashier’s checks and why it matters
  • Tips for processing cashier’s checks in order to avoid losses

Who Should Attend
Tellers, Teller Supervisors, Customer Service Representatives, New Accounts Personnel, Branch Managers, Security Officers, Fraud Investigators, Fraud Examiners, and Bank Attorneys will benefit from this webinar.