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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Speakers/Consultants

ATW Training Solutions

Currently delivers the course “Beyond Diversity: The Business Case for Inclusion” to central Iowa entities, as well as consulting extensively in these areas.

Contact Todd McDonald.

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Connet Consulting
Areas of Expertise

Capacity building and system integration, Title IX training and gender equality workshops, including sexual harassment/assault prevention and response, cultural proficiency training and racial and disability equity workshops, diversity and inclusion initiatives and activities, social justice initiatives, program development, project implementation, leadership coaching and supervisor training, strategic planning, resilience in positive youth and family development.

Contact Margaret Jensen Connet.

Areas of Expertise

IDI assessment, professional development, inclusive strategies, strategic measurement, program design, diverse team training, cultural programming.

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Iowa State University Extension & Outreach
Areas of Expertise

Navigating difference is a cultural competency training with an objective to develop an ability to interact and communicate effectively with people from diverse cultures. The training seeks to provide a safe environment for all learners by respecting individual learning styles.

Contact Ani Das.

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Kate Hightshoe, Diversity Officer, QCR Holdings

Kate Hightshoe has a proven track record in implementing cultural change management strategies at all organization levels – organizational compliance and enterprise risk management and mitigation – and community building, development, and engagement. Her areas of expertise include the strategic building of highly functioning teams and partnerships designed to support business objectives and sustainability – convening conversations and opportunities for innovation and creative business – and tying equity, inclusion, diversity and accessibility values and initiatives to corporate strategy that can further assist the organization in achieving key objectives.

Contact Kate Hightshoe.

Nikeya Diversity

At Nikeya Diversity Consulting, our goal is to strategically move the dial on equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement initiatives via a holistic integrated approach. Some industries focus solely on equity, some focus on diversity, some focus on inclusion and very few focus on engagement. The key is to ensure all four initiatives are integrated throughout your organization, institution, enterprise, community/region and state which will deliver long-term sustainable ROI and outcomes for the workplace, region and state.

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Pokorny Consulting
Areas of Expertise

Inclusion: Moving from unconscious bias to acceptance, board training and development, executive coaching, human resources, meeting facilitation, organizational development, staff development, staff training, strategic planning

Contact Kevin Pokorny.

Racial Equity Institute

We are an alliance of trainers, organizers, and institutional leaders who have devoted ourselves to the work of creating racially equitable organizations and systems. We help individuals and organizations develop tools to challenge patterns of power and grow equity.

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Schabel Solutions

Schabel Solutions is a consulting firm that offers strategic solutions on how to build inclusive workplaces to attract and retain talent. We help our clients solve problems and reach business goals by enhancing inclusion, collaboration and innovation.

  • Develop and diversity and inclusion strategies.
  • Deliver customized training, including training to identify and mitigate unconscious bias.
  • Design and develop recruitment and retention strategies, and employee engagement best practices.
  • Engage and collaborate with employee resource groups, Inclusion Councils, and work as an extension of your internal team as needed.

Contact Claudia Schabel.

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