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10 Must-Have Techniques for Engaging Training Webinar


Are you and your training presentations in harmony? Do you feel like you’re in a constant battle for audience attention? These techniques will help you create a remarkable increase in learner engagement.

Five of our best practices will enhance your technical skills. They are surprisingly easy and will help you synergize your presentation with what you say and teach. The other five best practices will complete your toolbox with attention-grabbing techniques and skills by setting the right tone, focusing on the right objectives, and embracing adult learning principles.

Register now! These techniques can be applied to webinars, e-courses, or classroom training and are easy to implement in both new and existing training programs. Plus, you’ll receive an InterAction Training Toolkit to help you amplify your training effectiveness.

What You’ll Learn

  • Prepare learners for a great and inviting experience
  • Apply key adult learning principles
  • Zero in on learning objectives by organizing content strategically
  • Rewording techniques for better audience engagement
  • Alternatives to the dreaded bullet-point list
  • PowerPoint tips
  • Best practices for using photographs

Who Should Attend
Anyone who is expected to train others, develops training programs, leads meetings, or represents your brand.