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10 Ways Your Tellers Can Prevent Check Fraud Webinar


Learn the 10 fundamental rules for protecting your institution against check fraud! We’ll start with the basics, including the components of a check, how checks move, and signature card terms. From there we’ll help you understand and identify cash back schemes, check washing, and check issues such as postdated, stale-dated, stop payments, and deceased owners. We’ll also cover situations in which to refuse a check, and how to send a check for collection.

What You’ll Learn

  • Identifying check issues
  • Endorsement rules to keep you safe
  • UCC 3 and 4 – who takes the loss?
  • Forgeries, fraudulent items and forged endorsements
  • Regulation CC Holds that may help

Who Should Attend
Tellers, Branch managers, Loan Officers, and personnel in new Accounts, Deposit Operations, Compliance and Training will benefit from this webinar.