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1099 Interest and CP2100s – When names and TINs Don’t Match Webinar


During this webinar, we will cover all the 1099 Int reporting from the account set up to the IRS report. Learn how account set up can cause you problems with interest reporting, fines, and penalties. This webinar covers from the front of the house to the back office issues.

What You’ll Learn

  • Definition of marijuana in your state
  • Understanding the business of marijuana
  • How marijuana related businesses work with the IRS
  • Review key requirements for SARs, CIP and CDD
  • IRS FAQs for marijuana
  • Using third party vendors
  • Building your business plan to handle customers in the industry
  • Is it time to move ahead with or without legislative support on the federal level

Who Should Attend
Deposit Operations, Deposit Compliance, Branch Administration, New Accounts Representatives, Bookkeeping and audit.