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2021 2-Day IBA Virtual BSA Fundamentals School


Program Highlights
• Money Laundering and History of Bank Secrecy Act
• Today’s BSA Officer and Team
• The Tools of BSA
• The Role of FinCEN
• BSA/AML Violations and Penalties
• BSA/AML Risk Assessments
• BSA/AML Compliance Program and 5 Components
• Customer Identification Program
• Customer Due Diligence and Beneficial Ownership
• Enhanced Due Diligence
• OFAC Compliance
• Office of Foreign Assets Control
• BSA and OFAC Training
• Record Retention
• BSA Reporting and Record Keeping
– Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR)
– CTR Exemptions
– Monetary Instrument Logs (MIL)
– Funds Transfers
– Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)