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2023 BSA Officer and Staff Update Webinar


We will look at things that are happening to implement the AMLA of 2020 like de-risking strategies and national priorities. We will also cover the ecosystem for crypto or digital currency and how to add it to your risk assessment and policy. It’s a jam packed agenda with all the latest and greatest on BSA and OFAC.

What You’ll Learn

  • National Strategy for De-risking
  • Beneficial Ownership Countdown—where are we now?
  • Update on sanctions for Russia for OFAC
  • Crypto and Digital Currency—working on your risk assessment, policy and procedures
  • SAR Process and Decision Making
  • Common Errors on CTRs
  • Human Crimes—Elder Fraud, Human Trafficking, Smuggling
  • CIP and CDD—updating your policy and procedures
  • High risk customers—extra steps for due diligence

Who Should Attend
BSA Officers, BSA Staff, BSA Audit, Compliance, Operations, Security, and Branch Staff will learn a great deal fromthis course.