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2024 IBA Internal Audit School

September 30, 2024 - October 2, 2024 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

This three-day course will discuss the establishment and execution of an effective and efficient internal audit program. Attendees will learn the objectives of internal audit and helpful techniques to reach those objectives. Internal audit should be a value-added function and not just a “check the box” cost center. This course will teach attendees how to create and maintain a value-added internal audit function.

Course Topics

• Internal Audit Outlined
• Role of Internal Audit
• Risk Assessments
• Development of an Audit Plan
• Execution of Audit Plan
• Testing
• Workpapers
• Critical Thinking
• Fraud
• Report Writing
• Auditor & Committee Communications
• IT Audit
• Regulatory Panel
• Internal Audit- A Value-Added Function

Who Should Attend?

This school is designed for new to intermediate level internal auditors. It is also an excellent refresher for experienced personnel to keep them abreast of current techniques and procedures.

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