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2025 IBA Numbers Talk & Bankers Need to Listen!

January 30, 2025 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
IBA Training Room, Johnston

This one day seminar will provide lending professionals with practical tools to understand business cash flow variables; including gross margins, ratios, and cash flow statement components.  Focusing on calculating and interpreting ratios and cash flow, the participants will understand what the borrower’s financial statements are saying.  This practical interactive seminar will include actual lending stories, allow participants to ask questions and interact with other bankers, as well as discuss solutions using real life cases.

Note:  Attendees will calculate ratios in class.  Bring a calculator!

In this full day seminar, the following will be addressed:

  • Types of financial statements and quality of information
  • What truly comprises gross margin and what causes it to change
  • How to analyze any ratio and determine cause(s) of change
  • How to calculate and interpret key lending ratios: current, quick, working capital, accounts receivable days, inventory days, financial  and operating leverage
  • How to calculate traditional cash flow with adjustments for special circumstances
  • Global cash flows: models and mistakes
  • Uniform Cash Flow Analysis, including how to analyze in less than 5 minutes

 Fillable PDF registration attached!

Member $275
Nonmember $550