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Negotiation Competence for Leaders in the Workplace Webinar


Leadership skills are critical to lead your own career. With the right skills, you can lead others to greatness, and leave what is comfortable and safe to move to new territory and allow yourself to flourish. Along with leadership comes courage – the courage to do all those things, plus negotiate for yourself in the workplace. During this webinar, you will discover negotiation strategies that will lead to success and influence in your job. These skills can also easily transfer to other areas of your life. You will walk away with tips on how to: strategically ask for what you want; prioritize what you want before asking; be clear as to why you want/need what you are asking for; and successfully close a negotiation.

Learning Objectives:
• The concept of Leadership and what it means to you
• What is negotiation and what it means to you
• What you can negotiate for in the workplace
• Strategies to prioritize and negotiate for what you want
• How to successfully close a negotiation
• Leadership principles

Target Audience:
Anyone interested in developing as a leader and learning negotiation skills to help you be more successful in your career as a professional and as a leader