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4 Leadership Spheres for Less Stress and More Influence Webinar


If leadership is a part of your role, you need to create results through other people, regardless of authority or title. This session will help leaders, whether seasoned or new, reduce common frustrations and influence teams with specific suggestions and best practices through four powerful spheres of leadership.

In 90 minutes you’ll be more equipped and confident leading teams, building trust, inspiring growth, connecting to purpose, and driving results.

Join us! Return to work with tools to lead your team to create more impact, including a planning worksheet which can be applied to everyday supervisory situations, and a leadership skills development checklist.

Covered Topics

  • Drive to clarity
  • Set clear boundaries and expectations
  • Create impactful conversations without anxiety
  • Lead On Purpose
  • Share a vision that inspires
  • Inspire a learning culture
  • Avoid the Open-Door Policy fallacy
  • Empower others to create results
  • Harness Feedback-Forward best practices
  • Build two-way trust through delegation best practices

Who Should Attend
Managers, supervisors, team leaders, trainers or anyone with supervisory or development responsibilities, including senior leaders looking for ideas or inspiration.