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6 ‘C’s to a Lender’s Decision-Making Process Webinar


The 6 ‘C’s-character, capacity, capital, collateral, conditions and credit score- are widely regarded as the most effective strategy currently available for assisting lenders in determining which financing opportunity offers the most potential benefits. The 6 ‘C’s are designed to assist lenders in determining which financing opportunity offers the most potential benefit to company owners. They provide a framework for conducting an analysis of a firm that takes into account both its strengths and its weaknesses. When this strategy is used, the lender is able to fully determine the best answer to meet the monetary requirements of the borrower.

You will get a comprehensive understanding of the 6 Cs of lending during this webinar. You will also get an understanding of how this technique insulates the lending process to meet the requirements of commercial financing.

What You’ll Learn
This webinar will provide you with valuable resources for analyzing the risk factor of borrower financing requirements. Additionally, you will have a deeper comprehension of the 6Cs Methodology.

  • Methodology decision-making based on the 6Cs: character and capability Capital. Condition. Collateral. Cash Flow.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of 6C’s methodology?
  • Evaluation procedure for creditworthiness
  • Why are the 6Cs essential for both the lender and the borrower?
  • Which C is the most crucial in the 6 Cs methodology?
  • Why is credit risk crucial for financial institutions?
  • The critical importance of the 6Cs approach to commercial financing.

Who Should Attend
Loan Officers, Loan Review Officers, Senior Lenders, Credit Administration Support Staff, Small Business Lender, Members of Bank’s Loan Committee, Credit Risk Managers, Commercial Junior lenders, Branch Managers.