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6 PowerPoint Tricks for Stellar Presentation Webinar


Today’s audiences are more distracted and more demanding than ever. You want better engagement but you don’t have time to learn multiple new programs, alternative formats, or training methods before your next presentation!

In just 90 minutes you’ll learn quick & easy PowerPoint tips to refresh your style, modernize your content, re-energize your presentations, and enhance your audience experiences. This tailored, practical session includes advice for reusing and updating old PowerPoint slideshows to save time, and useful ideas for creating new presentations.

Covered Topics
You’ll learn several priceless PowerPoint skills and time-saving ideas including:

  1. The fastest way to instantly update old slideshows that most people overlook
  2. A simple technique for giving outdated image slides a modern makeover
  3. The 10-minute practice pros use to save hours of reorganizing and tweaking slide content
  4. The best way to reuse and update your old presentations without wasting time reformatting the same elements on every slide
  5. PowerPoint suggestions and ideas to suit in-person, virtual, and hybrid presentations
  6. The #1 PowerPoint mistake that leads to audience disengagement, and what to do instead

Plus answers to FAQs (such as “How many slides do I need” and “What’s the best way to use slide Notes?”), these are timely tips and best practices used by an experienced team of certified trainers and keynote speakers.

Even regular PowerPoint “power users” who thought they knew all the tricks have been astounded by these same suggestions, excited about PowerPoint again, and thrilled about the latest feedback from their audiences.

Who Should Attend?
Designed for trainers and leaders, presenters of all types (with any level of PowerPoint skills) will appreciate these easy ways to refresh their slides and improve audience focus, comprehension and retention.