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BSA and OFAC Staff Training Webinar


The job of the front line is to identify red flags, file CTRs, complete CIP, and keep records on wires and monetary instruments. This is a look at all the key components of BSA from the frontline point of view, including new Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rules and their impact on our policy and procedures.

What You’ll Learn

  • Update on new BSA information for 2022
  • Red Flags for money laundering
  • Red flags for Cyber Fraud
  • Red Flags for human trafficking and smuggling
  • Customer Identification Program
  • OFAC
  • Currency Transaction Reporting
  • Recordkeeping-wires and monetary instruments
  • CDD rules – Four elements
  • How to avoid “felony moments” in conversations with Members
  • Culture of compliance
  • Learn the five pillars of BSA

Who Should Attend
Tellers, New Accounts, Lenders, Branch Managers, receptionists, call centers and anyone who talks to or helps a customer.