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Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Readiness for Financial Institutions – Take Meaningful Steps Webinar


How should your financial institution think about using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? In this session we will cover emerging trends with AI and ML and the best practices as they relate to taking meaningful steps toward making progress in this exciting domain. Financial institutions don’t have to be a by-stander and can use AI/ML in legitimate ways as part of a Continuous Improvement Process.

Learning objets for this program are:
• Defining AI/ML and how it can help your financial institution
• Talk about the rise of the “Citizen Data Scientist”
• How to structure an AI/ML Proof of Concept for success, who needs to be involved, and how to maximize results
• Regulatory “Get To” items to keep in mind as you design AI/ML Mode

Target Audience:
Bank business and technical leaders responsible for revenue growth, customer experience, operational efficiency, and digital transformation