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Bank Ethics from the Ground Up Webinar


As a banker, you have many ethical responsibilities and challenges as you navigate your daily activities which must be conducted with the highest level of integrity. Embracing ethics includes managing your personal finances and outside activities in a manner that prevents a conflict of interest. This session will explain the components of a typical code of ethics policy including how to address accepting gifts and the expectations for compliance with the Federal Bank Bribery Law. Ethics and integrity are a must that bankers need to bring to their financial institutions. It is critical that your institution has a sound policy and provides training that reinforces the institution’s code of ethics.

Ethical decisions can be challenging, but it’s important to embrace ethical choices as the repercussions impact you individually as well as your financial institution. Included in this session are best practices, requirements as well as examples of bank bribery cases.

What You’ll Learn

  • What is the Bank Bribery Act?
  • The importance of ethics in maintaining the reputation of the institution
  • SAR reporting requirements
  • Bribery vs Gratuity – What’s the difference?
  • Sample ethics policy
  • Guidelines for compliance with the Federal Bank Bribery Law
  • Conflict of interest related to employees and directors
  • Understand the importance of a whistleblower policy
  • Accepting gifts and fees from bank customers, prospective customers, or suppliers
  • Penalties for bribery and illegal gratuity

Who Should Attend
This session is designed for all bank employees as well as those responsible for developing or testing compliance with the banks Code of Ethics Policy and the Bank Bribery Act.