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Bank Protection Act: Be Prepared Webinar

August 8, 2024 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

In this jam-packed session we will review the minimum security guidelines outlined by the Bank Protection Act “to discourage robberies, burglaries, and larcenies and to assist in the identification and apprehension of persons who commit such acts.”

We will then move beyond the technical requirements and discuss the common sense issues of these security situations. We will provide the steps you can take to deter potential security incidents as well as to appropriately respond if an event occurs.

We will also take a look at how to assess your institution’s physical security risks. You will be provided with tools to utilize during training and to document any security event.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding the technical compliance requirements of the Bank Protection Act
  • Preparing the required annual report to the Board by the Security Officer
  • Detailing proper opening and closing procedures for your offices
  • Reviewing security of branches and offices with provided checklists
  • Utilizing provided tools to document security incidents, including identifying the person(s) attempting/committing the crime
  • Training best practices using provided examples of security incident responses to provide ongoing training to staff

Who Should Attend
This informational session is designed for Security Officers, Frontline and Branch Personnel, Branch Managers, Senior Management, Risk Management Officers, and Compliance Officers.