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Banker’s Top 10 for Sales Success Webinar


On your sales calls, do you have a hard time getting your prospects to really engage in a conversation about their business challenges? If you get to the proposal stage, do you have too many in your pipeline who have said to you: “I’ll think it over and let you know.”

There are skills you can develop to help you navigate these situations, create more compelling questions and be more prepared to help your prospects make decisions and avoid the dreaded TIO (think it over).

Dan Fischer, Sales Development Expert with Anthony Cole Training Group, will take you through the Top 10 ideas that you must address to increase your sales success. These Top 10 have come from working with bankers for 25 years helping them overcome their sales challenges.

  • Building bonding and rapport
  • Need for approval
  • Addressing curveballs
  • Uncovering compelling reasons
  • Hearing the cue cards
  • Qualifying the prospect