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Best-Ever Compliance Checklists for Consumer Loans Webinar

August 28, 2024 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

For several years, Anne has shared her popular compliance checklists with bankers. These colorful and easy-to-follow checklists clarify and simplify the federal lending compliance requirements, guiding lenders and processors through the requirements for each type of consumer loan.

We’ll cover checklists for loans secured by real estate, construction loans, higher-priced mortgage loans, and more. Financial institutions that properly use these checklists can virtually eliminate compliance errors.

Webinar participants will receive a supplementary booklet explaining each checklist requirement in helpful detail. And upon request, Anne will email the individual checklists to participants.

The individual checklists are formatted in Word and can easily be saved to a word processor (or bank network). In addition to the actual checklists, Anne will make helpful worksheets and explanatory memos available to participants at no additional cost.

What You’ll Learn

  • Which compliance requirements apply to each type of loan
  • Which requirements do NOT apply to certain loans
  • The specific timing rules for various disclosures
  • The required waiting periods related to each disclosure
  • Details that help bankers to comply with Truth in Lending, HMDA, RESPA, ECOA, and more
  • How the compliance requirements differ from loan to loan

Who Should Attend
Lenders, loan processors, compliance officers, and loan review personnel will all find these checklists enlightening and helpful.