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BSA: 4 Consent Orders Lessons Learned Webinar


FinCEN consent orders are a road map to success in your BSA program. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the information we can learn from consent orders, how to run your program from red flags to SAR, and how to look at customer relationships as a whole rather than as individual accounts in this context.

What You’ll Learn

  • What happens when you can’t manage your alerts
  • Adding high-risk customers and jurisdictions
  • Lack of training for BSA staff
  • Understaffed BSA programs
  • Customer Due Diligence and baselines
  • High-risk customers and management of those accounts
  • High-risk transactions and management of those transactions

Who Should Attend
BSA Officers, Senior Management, Compliance, Security, Training, and Operations need this course to help stay in compliance.