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BSA: Is Your Customer Hiding Money? Webinar


BSA Red Flags for Money Laundering

During this program, we will look at the professionals who help the criminal enterprise.

Sometimes a single individual and sometimes a business that will launder the proceeds of crime. FATF released in 2018 a report on these businesses that will help you detect and identify these businesses in your banks. From A to Z on how these business work and the techniques they employee to move illicit funds.

Covered Topics

  • Characteristics of Professional Money Laundering
  • Specialized services and business models
  • Types of dedicated ML Organizations:
  • Money Mules
  • Digital Money and Virtual Currency
  • Networks
  • Mechanisms that are used
  • Trade Based Money Laundering
  • Account Settlements
  • Underground banking
  • Criminal Service Providers
  • Banks
  • Lawyers
  • Payment Processors

Who Should Attend?
Who should attend? BSA Officers, BSA Investigators, SAR Reporting Staff, Compliance, Security and Training.