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Building a Healthy Workplace Culture Webinar


For an organization to have the chance to fully engage its workforce and get the best from them, it needs to build the foundations of a healthy workplace culture. Employees need to feel that they are valued — which includes being heard, kept healthy and safe, and shown respect and fairness. Research shows that when these conditions are achieved, employees are more likely to become more engaged and increase their discretionary effort for the organization. Key efforts that leadership should build or strengthen include ways employees can speak up about misconduct and concerns, how managers can best listen up regarding these reports and concerns, maintaining a healthy and safe workplace, preventing and addressing suspected harassment and employment discrimination, and promoting efforts to augment diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the workforce.

What You’ll Learn

  • Why organizational culture impacts the bottom line
  • A healthy workplace culture has a direct relationship to employee engagement
  • Encouraging employees to speak up sets the foundation for a healthy workplace culture, and why managers “listening up” is essential to this effort
  • Why the need for physical and psychological health and safety and feelings of respect and fairness are necessary
  • How a healthy workplace culture supports ethics and compliance and other risk management efforts

Who Should Attend
HR professionals, corporate executives and compliance officers who are making decisions that impact the work lives of employees and impacting organizational culture.