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California Workplace Violence Training Program Webinar


This event includes a 20-30 minute self-paced course in addition to a webinar to be held on June 5th. This course must be completed beforehand. The webinar will be pre-recorded, but our HR experts will be available for a live Q&A.

According to an FBI report, 1.3 million nonfatal violence crimes and 600 homicides occurred in US workplaces in a recent year. These instances led to employee deaths, injuries, lost work time, emotional distress and psychological trauma—not signs of a healthy workplace that encourages working together and collaborating on ways to better serve others.

Employers can better address workplace violence by getting in front of the issue—recognizing the threat, identifying and mitigating risks, preparing employees, and providing resources to assist in preparation and response. Following an incident, organizations can evaluate identified threats and problems to then prevent them.

What You’ll Learn

  • Definition of workplace violence and threats
  • Warning indicators
  • Specific threats to the workplace
  • What bystanders who witness threats or violence can do
  • Ways employees can de-escalate threats of violence
  • An organization’s workplace violence prevention plan
  • Responding to an armed intruder
  • How to report concerns
  • A manager’s duties to prevent and respond to workplace violence
  • Post-incident responsibilities to prevent reoccurrence

Who Should Attend
Managers and HR employees in the state of California should take this course.