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CECL 101: An Introduction to the Standard


Price: $275

Presenter:  Regan Camp, Abrigo

New to the CECL conversation or want a refresher on the basics of the current expected credit loss model? This session is intended to provide an introductory-level overview of the Why, What and How of CECL, and assist attendees in establishing a foundational understanding of the new accounting standard.  This session will prove especially helpful for those attendees who are looking to fortify their understanding of the new standard and/or are unsure where to even start in preparing for compliance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Establish a foundational understanding of the Why, What and How of CECL.
  • Consider what it means to be “CECL compliant” and to what standard we should set our sights
  • Review important considerations in selecting an appropriate model/methodology
  • Discuss evolving best practices being established and common pitfalls to watch out for

Target Audience:  CEOs, CFOs, ALCO members, controllers, chief risk officer, chief retail, funding officers.