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CECL Adoption: Common Questions and Real-World Examples Webinar


With the deadline for adopting current expected credit loss (CECL) approaching, financial institutions are grappling with a multitude of questions regarding its implementation. To ease the burden, we have collated some of the most commonly asked questions from our clients and provided practical and detailed responses. Our goal is to help institutions understand the intricacies of CECL and learn from real-world examples of its adoption.

What You’ll Learn

  • Hear our practical and detailed responses to those CECL questions
  • Learn about real-world examples and observe CECL adoption in practice
  • Gain suggestions for institutions that have not yet settled on their CECL methodology or solution

Who Should Attend
This discussion of common questions regarding CECL adoption will benefit anyone responsible for preparing, reviewing or auditing CECL calculations – including personnel in accounting, lending and credit operations, and financial executives.