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Coaching Prospecting: Practical Strategies for Sales Leaders


Price: $225

Presenter: Joe Micallef, Grow Up Sales Consulting

In this webinar bank sales leaders will gain insights into how to lift their team members’ prospecting efforts to the next level.  We’ll examine specific tactics you can employ to improve your bankers’ chances of success in proactive prospecting in today’s environment

Topics Covered:

  • The mistakes bank sales leaders make in driving prospecting
  • Assessing your team’s skills
  • Defining expectations regarding prospecting
  • Anticipating typical challenges
  • Coaching the top of the funnel
  • (Re) Building prospect lists
  • Helping your bankers get in the door
  • Building business acumen
  • Pre-call, post-call coaching
  • Why making joint calls is key to prospecting success
  • Outside resources  for sales leaders

Target Audience: Sales Leaders working with commercial, small business and private banking teams