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Commercial Lending – Four Keys to Loan Structuring Webinar


Many factors affect the loan structures used in commercial lending, both for commercial and industrial (C&I), and commercial real estate (CRE), agricultural and other situations. This program provides the four keys to developing the best loan structure, starting with the bank’s goals.

Of secondary, and almost equal consideration, is the customer’s goals. We’ll focus on strategic goals and business life cycle concepts, which often supersede the borrower’s desire to get the lowest interest rate. In structuring a financing arrangement, the banker must have a thorough knowledge of the available credit facilities and how to match them to the customer’s needs (third key) and the anticipated source of loan repayment (fourth key).

This seminar provides bankers with a working knowledge of the basic principles of loan structuring, including:
• Understanding your bank’s goal(s) in structuring the loan
• Identifying the goals of your customer and the resulting credit needs
• Discussing and implementing the products you can utilize
• Identifying the loan structures that best match the source(s) of repayment

Target Audience:
Commercial lenders, credit analysts, lending managers and credit officers involved in C&I loans, loan review specialists, private bankers, small business lenders