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Communicate Like a Leader: 5 Secrets to Get Better Results Webinar


When describing what makes the difference between an excellent leader and an average leader, the number one answer is…good communication.

Good communication is much more than how you communicate, it’s what you communicate. This webinar will take the mystery out of becoming a good communicator and give you the skills you need to be an excellent leader.

Covered Topics
In this session, you will learn 5 best practices the best leaders use to effectively communicate, including how to:

  • Get people excited about coming to work each day
  • Set clear boundaries that everyone respects
  • Understand what message you’re sending when you’re not saying a thing
  • Use assertive communication skills that get results
  • Motivate others through sincere appreciation
  • You will gain confidence, respect, and have a lot less stress in your day.

Who Should Attend?
New and emerging team leads, supervisors, and managers.