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Compliance Management System (CMS) Essentials Webinar


All Regulators expect it. A CMS is how an institution:

  • Learns about its compliance responsibilities
  • Ensures that employees understand these responsibilities
  • Ensures that requirements are incorporated into business processes
  • Reviews operations to ensure responsibilities are carried out and requirements are met
  • Takes corrective action and updates materials as necessary

In addition, it helps manage risk! A CMS helps manage risks associated with:

  • Changing product and service offerings
  • New legislation enacted to address developments in the marketplace
  • Noncompliance with consumer protection laws may result in: Litigation, monetary penalties, and other formal enforcement actions

What You’ll Learn

  • A review of the basic requirements of a CMS and tailoring them to your financial institution.
  • How changing regulatory requirements pose a risk if not tracked and managed properly.
  • Breaking down institutional silos to build and maintain a better CMS.
  • Reviewing, testing, and monitoring operations to ensure requirements are working as intended.
  • Training business units. 6. Correcting and preventing consumer harm.

Who Should Attend
This session is designed for anyone who needs a better understanding of a Strong CMS. It may be particularly beneficial for new compliance officers, as well as those working in compliance, risk, auditing, and management.