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CRE Lending: Issues with Property Types & Lease Structures Webinar


Which property types have unique analytical ratios? Hotels with RevPAR and ADR come to mind. What is a cotenancy clause in a retail lease, and how can it affect the property owner? This program covers important factors in evaluating commercial real estate (CRE), including the ways many property types are somewhat unique, having different metrics and terminology. How about tenant mix and gross space versus rentable space? In addition to cotenancy clauses, what are some typical covenants that a landlord must adhere to? What are typical covenants placed on the tenant? This program also covers key features and components of commercial lease agreements.

Specific subjects that will be covered during the seminar:
– Unique characteristics of the major types of real estate
– Differences in terminology, metrics and documentation with certain property types
– Key features and components of commercial leases
– Strategies for reviewing leases and as part of underwriting and loan monitoring
– How your loan documents may prohibit changes and/or renewal of leases without bank consent

Target Audience: Commercial lenders, credit analysts and small business lenders; consumer lenders, mortgage bankers and private bankers; loan review specialists, special assets officers, lending managers and credit officers