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Creating a Collaborative Work Environment – I LOVE My Job! Engagement and Beyond Webinar


Retaining and engaging in a new world of work – does this sound like something you can relate to? The Great Resignation has disrupted employers and in turn negatively impacted organizational engagement and culture. The employee “experience” is just as important today as our “customer” experience. What if we saw everything we did through the lens of our employees? Would that make or break our current practices related to engaging and retaining?

In this session we will peel back the layers and ask the right questions about engagement and retention in our current environment above and beyond the topic of compensation. Believe it or not, money isn’t always the number one reason people leave their current employer.

What we will cover:
• Review the 6 primary reasons employees leave
• Create an engaged culture from the new hire experience and beyond
• Engagement is not a once and done – sustainable strategies
• Create a motivating environment – Just Ask!
• Who is successful with engagement and retention and what can we learn?
• ROI – Ultimately, your employees’ success will drive business success

Target Audience:
CEOs, Human resource officers, supervisors and managers