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Creating Exceptional Customer Experiences Webinar


Do we go the extra step to meet the depositor’s needs? Do we put ourselves in their shoes to determine what actions we should take to ensure the experience is extraordinary? Financial institutions looking for ways to increase the relationship with the depositor know that the success of the relationship is in the hands of the people who wait on and assist customers every day.

While certainly an important skill, it takes more than processing transactions accurately and being courteous to grow the relationship with the customer. Depositors like to do business with someone who will go above and beyond to help them through an uncommon or complicated situation. Employees who practice advocacy earn depositor loyalty.

How do you deliver value while creating amazing experiences for your depositors? Wow them with a genuine interest and care, wow them with an experience. Customers who feel a connection to the people who wait on them feel valued and well-cared for and will not only increase their relationship with the institution but will also recommend you to their friends.

What You’ll Learn

  • Advocate for the Customer
  • Being Authentic
  • The ingredients for a WOW
  • Three benchmarks of an exceptional experience
  • Expectations that Produce High Satisfaction
  • What Messages are you Sending?
  • Listen for Meaning
  • Saying the right thing the right way

Who Should Attend
Anyone with contact with the institution’s depositors will benefit from this webinar, including those who train them and those who manage them.